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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Coachella Part II

So two days after I wrote that last post, at about 10:15pm, we got a call from the SAME people that rented our house out the first weekend of Coachella, that they wanted to come out and do it again. Starting the next day. So we packed up, cleaned up and left all over again.

I think I've almost caught up.  When we rent it out, we lock up our office, so it sort of ended up being the dumping spot for all of our junk we didn't want out.  I need to clean that up (it's seriously bad...it looks a lot like the playroom normally does with the toys, but with office and art supplies mixed in...all over everything) and then I'm done.  YAY!!

My little garden has been going CRAZY lately.  We've been going out for months, picking tomatoes and strawberries every 3-4 days...but just a few at a time.  In my head I was adding up what I paid to plant the garden thinking, "wow.  what a great deal.  so far we are at about 5 bucks per strawberry."

THEN, it got hot.  We happened to ignore it for 1 week, and came back to this:

It still amazes me how things can just grow.  I love it. We ignored it another week (the second week of Coachella) and I picked just as many.

Now if you LOOK at the garden itself you'd get good laugh.  It's hideous.  1 bed of weakling strawberries, 1 bed of herbs that grew so big, they look like mini-trees and I physically can't pull them out.  And the of course weeds.  Everywhere.  But I learned a lot this year, so I hope next year it'll even be better.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

been awhile

been busy.  busy getting things ready for coachella fest.

we rent out our house for coachella...to some people from la (same people last year and this year).

so, we've been repairing things, touching up paint, washing windows, getting carpets cleaned, upholstery cleaned, getting our pool back in shape (because i pretty much ignore it all winter....not good, but it's back and beautiful), cleaning out every cupboard, dresser, hutch, etc in the whole house, removing all of the toys, clothes and toiletries from every room, etc.  i could go on and on.  but that's pretty much been exhausting all of shad's and my time for the last few weeks (or several weeks = )

after we finished up, we moved into a hotel for 5 nights (2 here in town, while shad and tanner did work/school) and 3 in carlsbad on the beach.  we got back last night and now it's laundry and cleaning.  i think the house will be back to normal by tonight.

i did treat myself to a pedicure today, a stroll around home goods and a few minutes on pinterest.  it felt great to not have "coachella" in the back of my mind.  = )

oooooh, i get asked a lot..."does your house get trashed?"  not too bad.  we've gotten lucky.  it's no worse than when shad and i leave hotel rooms with our kids.  just instead of cups of milk, picture bottles (not with milk inside. ha ha) and instead of playdough and crackers strewn here and there, it's their fancy food wrappers, receipts, bottles, etc. and lots and lots of laundry.  we take a pretty hefty damage deposit and an extra insurance policy out for the weekend, just in case.

but all and all....worth it.  it gives us a bunch of play money for the house. worth it enough to do it again.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

chore cards

I saw this idea floating around Pinterest.  It has been AWESOME for Tanner.  It's sparked a fire under his bum to do chores again.  Kate....not so much.

The set also comes with STAY IN BED CARDS.  Those have worked great too.  

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

my new blog layout

So....way back before Christmas, I had my blog redone by....DESIGN by AINSLEY.  She is awesome.  Great to work with....she has excellent taste and completely works with you.  You have specific ideas...she'll design them, you like a certain thing on one website, but not another, she'll make the adjustments.  She's also super cute.  = )   Here she is with her hubby and little one...

She made me this header first.  Which I love.

After a couple of months, I hired her to make me a new one....which I also love.

THANK you Ainsley for updating my blog.

Monday, March 26, 2012

our latest smoothie concoction

So Tanner really does eat smoothies for the majority of his meals.   Three times a day.  Everyday.  Even if it's a school day, his after school snack is a smoothie and then he wants another for dinner.  If I could only pack him one in his lunch....

Because he lives on these things, I've had to get creative, so he's not just living on Greek yogurt, berries and xagave.  

Our recent fave....

1 part greek yogurt 
1 part frozen fruit...
handful of raw oats, per serving
2t chia seed (or flax seed), per serving
xagave, to taste

*did you know the kind costco sells, has 23 grams of protein per cup?!
*my favorite frozen combo is raspberries/mango, but we use everything...blueberry, pineapple, cherry, blackberry, strawberry
*xagave (pronounced, "zagave) is a brand of agave. thus far, it's the only one I trust.  I researched the company, where they get their sources, how it's processed, what goes in it, etc.  
*if you don't want to use xagave, you could use fresh, pitted dates, pure maple syrup or raw honey
*chia seed is super good for you....you can buy it at a health food store.  the taste is more subtle than flax, so I prefer it for smoothies

Friday, March 23, 2012

an addition to the kids art wall

Remember this?  Well I finally filled one of those empty frames....

I had no idea the kids would love it so much.  So many "oohs" and "ahhs" and "how did you do that?"  Tanner helped me organize all the crayons and taught me the order of a rainbow.  Then we hot glued them in.  After it was up, Elle figured it was where the crayons went so she kept popping them off and then returning them.  So I finally hot glued the whole thing shut.  

I know I took a picture of the whole wall, with the new addition.  But somehow it got lost on my super organized (ha!) computer.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

after-school snack

We make lots of variations on this....sometimes we use coconut milk other times 1% milk (once we did half and half.  really.  really. good).  We even used greek yogurt once and I told him it was a frozen yogurt smoothie.  I prefer it with milk though.

Sometimes we throw in peanuts vs. almonds.  Today is the first time I added oats.  And usually I add chia seed, but Tanner had a new friend over today, and I didn't want to scare him off.  = )

As for the amounts....I never measure.  I just throw stuff in. Plus or minus to taste.  If I were to guess....maybe 1 1/2c milk, handful of oats, handful of almonds, 4t cocoa, pinch of sea salt (if you use roasted salted nuts, omit the salt), pinch of cinnamon, dates and/or agave to taste and ice to the consistency you like.  Just be sure to take the pits out of the dates.  I forgot once.  Wow.  Even my vita-mix couldn't hack that.  

If there's extra shake left...throw it in popsicle molds.  My kids love those too.